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Heb Peret

- The Seed Festival™ and Food Sovereignty Forum

Sunday March 20, 2016

6037 Liberty Rd - Suite 6
Baltimore, Maryland 21207

Info: 443-453-3010

"We come together to celebrate the seed as a symbol of the beginning, as the regeneration of life, as life's potential, and as the beginning of generating abundance and prosperity. The seed represents independence, self-reliance, and empowerment. It represents growing and supplying our own food; self-reliance and self-determination in supporting, nurturing and guiding ourselves along the path of being whole, being healthy and having abundant life." - Seba, Heru-Ka Anu

Heb Peret - The Seed Festival™

Heb Peret - The Seed Festival and Food Sovereignty Forum

Saturday, March 20, 2016 - Presentations
12:00 Noon - 6:00 P.M.
6037 Liberty Rd - Suite 6
(Tulsa Road side entrance, lower Level)
Baltimore, Maryland 21207
Phone: 443-453-3010
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Heb Peret The Seed Festival and Food Sovereignty Forum places us in alignment with the cycle of Life - particularly within the western hemisphere/environment - establishing for us both cultural and intellectual harmony with Creation.

Heb Peret The Seed Festival began more than six-thousand (6,000) years ago when our Aku (Ancestors) began a celebration of neter Ausar the life force that gave them the gift of the seed and the knowledge of farming and agriculture. These gifts resulted in the growing of food in great abundance and in great prosperity, both of which were at the foundation of the Kemetic civilization and society of high culture and learning. Each year our Aku came together to thank neter Ausar for his gift and to plant seeds beginning their growing season the season of Peret. In keeping with tradition we too come together to thank neter Ausar and to plant seeds beginning our season of Peret. Consistent with Heb Peret The Seed Festival is our declaration of independence from cultural-hegemony white-racism and capitalist economic exploitation. Our festival-celebration is a return to the African 'Way of Life' and to a time of controlling our food supply and associated health and well-being.

The Food Sovereignty Forum voices our independence and self-reliance initiative in the areas of food sovereignty and health and well-being. We recognize that food sovereignty is not only essential to our survival, that food-sovereignty is also fundamental to our political and economic independence from racial and economic dominance. Here in the U.S. White-America has systematically disenfranchised and maneuvered Black people off the land and into food dependency. As a consequence we have been at the economic mercy (or terrorism) of racist economic exploitation in addition to our health and wellness being systematically attacked by way of inferior and tainted food. The Food Sovereignty Forum reflects our efforts at unity and action to remedy our situation

Heb Peret The Seed Festival and Food Sovereignty Forum is a holistic and global approach to ensuring cultural health and well-being and to achieving harmony with our fellow human-beings, planet inhabitants and with Creation.

Everyone is invited to attend and participate in Heb Peret The Seed Festival and Food Sovereignty Forum

Heb-Peret The Seed Festival
and the Season of New Life

We celebrate Heb-Peret The Seed Festival on the vernal-equinox (this year March 20, 2013), marking the first day of spring, and beginning our season of celebrating new-life.

For a period of 90-days, from the vernal-equinox to the summer-solstice we acknowledge, celebrate, and revere new-life as symbolized by the seed. This is the growing season when we plant and nurture the seeds to fruition, abundance and prosperity. This period is marked by rituals and ceremony - solar, lunar, stellar, and earth-centered. Also, this is a time when we elevate our consciousness about new-life and regenerating-life, and all of the principles associated with its promise.

Heb-Peret The Seed Festival is realized through ceremony, presentations, and hands-on activities. We acknowledge and celebrate in ceremony the Neteru that gave us the gift of the seed; we share presentations about our relationship to the seed past, present and future; we participate in hands on workshops to empower and enable us to realize our vision and the promise held by the seed. Throughout our gathering we will have festive activities including dance, music (drumming, singing, etc), poetry, feasting, and more.

Stevie Wonder's - Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants is our unofficial soundtrack to Heb Peret - The Seed Festival

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